Object of the company

EuropaviaOur object is: “To provide products and services with a high added value  giving solution to the needs of our partners and customers in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors, establishing relationships of lasting trust, based on the experience and the commitment of our professionals.”

Our values:


We are honest, loyal and transparent and we make easier the relationships of trust, encouraging austerity and using ethical business practices with our stakeholders.


We identify ourselves with Europavia’s project and we get involved and make efforts to achieve our aims of sustainability, profitability, quality, and the development of our professionals.


We look for innovative solutions which keep us competitive, flexible, in continuous improvement and able to get used to the demands of the business.

Vocation of service

We make efforts  to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners, with the ambition to offer you an excellent service as well as a friendly and close treatment.


We work with interest, motivation and enthusiasm and  we make efforts to achieve the excellence in our professional performance.