MARTEC Serpe-lesm has developed a new programming equipment, PR600, intended to program all it range of ELTs and programming dongles. PR600 Programming equipment kit replaces the former PR550 Programming Equipment kit. Compatibility PR600 Programming Equipment is compatible with any types of ELTs and Programming Dongles manufactured by MARTEC SERPE-IESM. KANNAD 406 ATP-M S1818502-02 KANNAD 406 ATP S1819502-02 KANNAD 406 AP S1820502-01/-02 KANNAD 406 AF / AF (6D) S1821502-01/-02/-06 KANNAD 406 AF-H S1822502-01/-02 KANNAD 406 AS S1823502-01/-02 KANNAD 406 AS-TNC S1823502-03 KANNAD 406 SURVIVAL S1823502-04 KANNAD 121 AF S1824502-01/-02 KANNAD 121 AF-H S1826502-02 KANNAD 406 AP-H S1820502-04 PROGRAMMING DONGLE S1820514-01 PROGRAMMING DONGLE, A320 S1820514-04 PROGRAMMING DONGLE, A330 & 340 S1820514-05 PROGRAMMING DONGLE, ASSY S1820514-06 PR600 PROGRAMMING KIT: PR600 Programming interface module (Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 20 mm; Weight: .154lb) USB cable Suit case for storage and transportation (Dimensions: 222 x 160 x 60 mm)

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